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Bespoke Services

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Metal Posts

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Motorcycle Parts

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Go Karts


Bicycle Frames


Performance Styling


Business Signs

At ARG coatings we like to offer individuality by creating bespoke and one-off pieces and additional automotive services.

At ARG Coatings, we offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to all your automotive and metal coating needs.


Metal Refinishing Services:


Metal Posts: Whether it's for decorative or functional purposes, we provide expert coating solutions for metal posts, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal.


Motorcycle Parts: Elevate the look and performance of your motorcycle with our expert coating services for various parts.


Go Karts and Bicycle Frames: For enthusiasts seeking enhanced performance and style, we specialize in refurbishing go karts and bicycle frames.


Valve Covers: Revamp your engine's appearance with our precision-coated valve covers, adding both style and protection.


Business Signs: Impress your customers with refreshed and visually appealing business signs that leave a lasting impact.




Automotive Services:

Performance Styling Parts and Bodykit: Using the highest quality products with real carbon fibre.

Replacement Brake Discs and Pads: Maintain optimal braking performance with our high-quality replacement brake discs and pads.


Ceramic Coating: Protect your alloy wheels further with our advanced ceramic coating, offering durability and a stunning finish.


ARG Coatings is your trusted partner for excellence in coatings and automotive services. Our experienced team ensures top-quality results, leaving you with enhanced performance and aesthetics. Experience the ARG difference today!


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